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Devil's Destiny

Jaxx sat at his desk, his eyes focused on the paper in front of him while his face was drawn in deep thought.

"Terrific," he muttered sarcastically. He stuffed the paper into a folder, when there was a knock on the door. A woman walked in at his call.

"Hey, Jaxx. You called me?" Sonya shut the door behind her and walked over to stand in front of his desk.

"Yeah, have a seat. We've got a problem." Sonya sat down, and fixed her hair under her hat.

"What is it?" Jaxx tossed the folder down in front of her, and she picked it up to read it.

"5 years ago, a group was reported terrorizing a rundown part of Tokyo. It consisted of mostly American guys, and the group was known as the Unmei no Akuma, or Devil's Destiny. They've been classified as highly dangerous, bordering on insane in their attacks against big companies that went against the Australian Alliance. Included with the reports are photos of their targets, which were completely demolished by high-powered explosives. If the group went in, no civilian came out alive. They slaughtered anyone who got in their way. Interpol was hot on the trail of their leader, Kyoufu, but he and his group suddenly disappeared and have not been heard from for about 2 years."

"So why is this being brought up now?"

"About a month ago, information came out about quarterly shipments between Tokyo and Hong Kong that took place in complete secrecy. Sanosuke Mamoru, the corporate head of Mugen no Chikara power company, confessed to having allowed these engagements to take place at his docks. A week later he was murdered, found dead at home with an electrical power line shoved down his throat."

"So the group got back at him."

"Possibly, but there's more to it. Sanosuke had letters in his home dealing with the transactions of the Devil's Destiny, so he was most likely a part of the group. In the letters, he spoke of a sister group that was forming its own alliance to take over Hong Kong, and spread its power over to Tokyo, then Kyoto."

"Who was the sister group?" Jaxx hesitated for a moment.

"The Black Dragon." Sonya practically glowed with anger. "After you came back from your, ahem, 'tournament', and we killed Jarek, the Black Dragon fell apart. About a week after, there was no trace of the Devil's Destiny."

"But because this Sanosuke was murdered, now it's believed the group still exists."

"Yes. Now, there's another angle." Sonya's eyebrow quirked.


"Inside the file is a picture of 7 year old Sanosuke Kaoru. When her father was murdered, she disappeared."


"Interpol believes she's dead, though no body has been found. I believe otherwise." Sonya flipped through the file to come across the picture of a young Japanese girl with a pretty face. Her hair was the traditional dark, straight hair, but her eyes were green, a color uncommon in Japanese heritage.


"That's what I thought at first, but who are they going to be demanding money from? Her father is dead."


"Died in a train wreck in '93. No other brothers or sisters. The only other relatives are her grandparents on her father's side, who live off in the Tazawako community in northern Japan. They're poor, and are quite distressed at their missing grandchild." Sonya quickly read over her file, then closed the folder and put it on Jaxx's desk.

"Ok, so there's a group that affiliated with the Black Dragon, that disappeared, apparently murdered an ex-member, and kidnapped his kid. What does all this have to do with us?"

"There have been reports of an odd group of people living off in Frisco. Some stores around there have been terrorized, and undercover cops have mentioned people going around asking about the Black Dragon. I think someone's trying to get the group back together. The police can't seem to get a lead, so they sent an FBI agent in for help. He's an old friend of mine from boot camp, and he's requesting our help." Sonya stood up.

"So, when do we leave?"

Sonya was changing into a pair of exercise shorts and a pale blue tank top when there was a knock at her hotel door. She walked over, checked the peephole, and saw Jaxx staring patiently. After twisting the three locks on the door, she opened it and let Jaxx enter.

"Hey," she said as she closed the door. "What have you got?"

"Ok. We'll meet with Agent Spekly in two hours for lunch at the Waterwell. He said he has some information about a possible lead." Jaxx leaned against her bureau while Sonya seated herself on the bed to put on her sneakers.

"And that lead is?"

"A member who seems to be going back and forth between faithfulness to the group." Sonya clucked her tongue in disappointment.

"Not very wise. They catch him, he's dead." Jaxx nodded.

"Maybe, maybe not. Spekly says he noticed a little girl with him." Sonya looked up.

"Kaoru?" Jaxx shrugged.

"Can't be sure. Said she had short blonde hair, so it could be another kid. But it's not known if he has a child."

"Could be illegitimate," she said as she stood and stretched.

"We'll get more details later." He watched her put a fanny pack about her waist then toss her key, some sun block, and some mace inside. "Where you goin?" Sonya reached for her headphones and hat.

"Down to the docks. Spekly said the shipment should be a week or two from now, so I'm gonna check for any activity that might be related." Jaxx stood and followed her out. The door locked automatically as she shut it. "How about you?"

"I made an appointment to see Detective Ise for some background checks. Maybe we'll get some more leads."

"Ok," Sonya said as she fixed her hat and tuned in her small waistband radio. "I'll meet you in two hours. Be careful."

"You, too." They parted, each set off in a different direction.

Sonya jogged down to the ocean, the hot sun burning into her shoulders as the heat came off of the streets in waves. Tanned girls and muscular guys walked around her on the sidewalks as they headed to the beach for another day of sun and surf. A block away was the Alexia Marine Port, and at least a hundred boats were docked there. They ranged in size from little two person rowboats to yachts. Surprisingly, there were also huge tankers, which seemed quite odd coming from a little, barely known seaport.

The Special Forces lieutenant slowed to a brisk walk as she reached the wooden docks, and her eyes scanned around for any suspicious characters. Though it was doubtful she'd spot any during the day, it was worth a shot. For a moment her mind drifted back to the tournament, but she shook those thoughts away. 'Focus on the job,' she scolded herself. Each boat she passed she examined carefully. They were various colors, and the white sails were bright against the rich blue and cloudless sky. 'I want a ship.' Then she noticed something. A little girl with crimped blonde hair was running about on the deck of a nearby yacht. There was a puppy with her, a beagle it looked like. The girl was squealing happily, and Sonya smiled. She turned from the sight to apologize for bumping into a young man when she heard a high-pitched scream and a small splash. Sonya's head snapped to the side to see the girl leaning over the railing of the boat and screaming at the water. Down below, the puppy paddled frantically to get to shore, but it was too small and the waves kept making it go under.

"Shit," Sonya cursed softly, and ripped her radio and fanny pack off before diving into the water. Soon she was climbing onto the dock with a dripping puppy whimpering in her hands. The girl came down from her yacht, shouting wildly with joy while tears ran down her face.

"Thank you, lady!" she squealed as she grasped the puppy tight against her, burying her head into its fur while nearly crushing the poor thing. Sonya laughed.

"Maybe you should keep your little friend on a leash."

"Oh, Ryu, you dumb pup, don't you ever scare me like that again!" Sonya chuckled again as she listened to the girl scold the puppy severely. The girl looked up to thank Sonya again, and she finally got a chance to clearly see the girl's face. She was Asian, and her eyes were a crystal green that resembled emerald. Sonya gasped. 'Oh my God, Kao-'

"Tenshi! Tenshi, baby, what happened?" Sonya looked up to see an older gentleman run toward her. He, too, was Asian, and he had short gray hair and wire rimmed glasses that covered his slanted eyes.

"Ojisan, Ryu fell off the ship and this lady saved him for me." The old man kneeled down and lifted the girl into his arms.

"Thank you. My granddaughter just got this puppy as a present, he means a lot to her." Sonya smiled at the man, and filed this information away. 'Can't be Kaoru, she has no living relatives.'

"No problem. That dog is just too cute." Sonya rubbed his ears and smiled again at the girl. "You're very lucky. Take good care of him for me, ok?" The girl nodded vigorously.

"I will." She looked at her grandfather. "Can I go back in and play, Ojisan?"

"In a bit. Your father's going to take us out for lunch. How does that sound?" The girl cheered. Sonya figured that everything was fine now, so she picked up her hat and headphones, then said goodbye and continued on her way.

An hour later, Sonya came to rest and buy a water bottle at a nearby coke machine. Her search had been futile, with no signs of anything related to terrorists groups or planned shipments. She checked her watch for the time, and figured if she ran back to the hotel, she could shower and change before going over to meet Jaxx and Agent Spekly. Unfortunately, she miss judged her time and should up a few minutes late, but the men understood.

"Have a good jog, Ms. Blade?" Agent Daniel Spekly asked while he sipped his iced tea.

"Loved it, thank you. But I didn't find a damn thing. If there is any activity there, it's underground or at night. Really, the only interesting event was saving a puppy from drowning." Daniel laughed.

"Sonya the savior."

"I'll drink to that," Jaxx added and they clinked glasses.

"Very funny. Now," Sonya cleared her throat and looked to Jaxx. "How about you? Did you come up with anything?"

"Detective Ise showed me some files of local gang members who are rumored to have joined a larger group. I'd love to get them for questioning, but no one has seen them for at least a month. The smaller gangs have also become scarce, which has caused a sudden crime drop in Frisco."

"The cops don't like this however. They're worried of a sudden surge in crime, which would result if a large gang, perhaps even a super gang if you will, comes to pass," Daniel cut in. A waitress swung by the table, and the three ordered their meals.

"So what are our leads, Dan?" Sonya questioned as she took a sip from her coke.

"A young man named Rick Balford." The FBI agent reached for his briefcase and handed them both a folder with identical information. "His criminal record is clean. No court appearances, no speeding tickets, not even any minor offenses. This guy is a saint. Except for him being caught in a drug deal. My partner, Agent Welk, was going around as an undercover druggie. He was right there when he saw the transaction take place."

"You couldn't jail him for it?" Sonya asked.

"Had no evidence. But we did find something interesting." Daniel reached into his briefcase again, and pulled out a photo. "Balford's appearance is hidden too much in the shadows, but not his business partner." Jaxx and Sonya moved in carefully to examine the photo.

"Kano," Sonya hissed.

"You're damn right. Balford was connected to the Black Dragon then, so perhaps he's the one starting it up now."

"Could Balford be Kyoufu?" Sonya added.

"Doubt it. Kyoufu is rumored to be a mass murder, not a businessman."

"Where is Balford now, and what is he doing?" Daniel chuckled.

"Right now, he's living right here in San Francisco, making some colossal movie with Harrison Ford and Dean Cain. Something like Warrior's Destiny or Dynasty, I don't remember. They were still arguing over the title. Anyway, he's getting big bucks, which could be used for these shipments." He handed Jaxx a paper, who handed it to Sonya "That's the place where the film is being made. It's heavily secured, and I can't even get in. Say they got government officials who keep the place safe, and without a warrant, I can't talk to anyone there." Jaxx looked at Sonya, and she knew what he was going to ask.

"No. Absolutely not."

"Come on, Sonya. It's the only way we'll get in."

"Then you call him."

"I'm not his type." Sonya glowered.

"Call who?" Speckly cut in.

"He probably wouldn't even want to help anyway," Sonya challenged Jaxx, ignoring Spekly's question.

"I know he still has a soft spot for you."

"Who?" Speckly tried again.

"He doesn't even live here, Jaxx."

"You never know, he could be visiting."

"Damnit, who are you talking about?" The agent raised his voice a bit too much, and part of the restaurant turned to look at him. Jaxx answered, never taking his eyes from Sonya.

"Johnny Cage." Speckly chuckled in disbelief.

"Yeah right. You must be kidding. You're gonna ask for help from one of the most famous action actors alive?" Jaxx grinned.

"One of the most famous actors alive and Sonya's ex-boyfriend." Sonya fist slapped the table.

"He was never my boyfriend." Daniel couldn't believe his ears. "He's way too narcissistic to even consider a romantic interest." Jaxx laughed and whispered to Daniel.

"She's still a bit sore from the breakup." Suddenly Jaxx grunted when she kicked him under the table. Sonya was about to reply when their food arrived.

"Look," she hissed softly when the waitress left, "I'll call him and see if he can get us inside, but if you make any more cracks like that again then I'll ship you over to his door in a pink dress and blonde wig to ask him for help yourself."

"You miss him, eh?" Sonya's icy glare caused Daniel to nearly choke on his food.

"This is strictly business, nothing else. Now, if there's nothing else to discuss, perhaps we can enjoy this meal in peace?" The other two agreed in fear of pissing her off to the point of taking hostages. The rest of the conversation consisted of sports and old times in boot camp.

Later that night, Sonya continued to pace her room in annoyance.

"Idiot. You just had to agree, didn't you? 'I'm not his type,' bah," Sonya mocked in frustration as she sat on the bed. There was no getting out of this, she knew, but it didn't make it any easier. Johnny was the last person she wanted to talk to. but this was an important case.

"Strictly business," she growled as she reached for the phone. She picked up the business card on her dresser, a card she had always kept with her just in case, and dialed.

"Hello, Arissa Connel speaking, how may I help you?"

"Good evening, this is Lieutenant Sonya Blade of the United States Special Forces. Is Mr. Cage in?"

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but he's out on a movie shoot."

"Does he have a number where he can be reached?"

"I am not allowed to release that number, ma'am." Sonya was starting to get pissed, but somehow managed to keep her voice calm.

"This has to do with an important military investigation. I need to speak with Mr. Cage as soon as possible, and if I am not given that phone number, I will have you charged with obstruction of the law for holding onto important information." There was a pause on the phone.

"If I can have your number, I will call Mr. Cage up and ask for permission to get in touch with him." Sonya sighed, but figured that this was the best way to get to him.

"Fine. My name is Sonya Blade. I'm currently staying at a Marriott. The number is 781-593-4000, room # 307."

"Thank you." There was a click that told Sonya she disconnected. The Lieutenant decided to do some push ups to work out her sudden nervousness, and had reached 35 when the phone rang. She hesitated for a moment then picked it up.


"Sonya?" She blinked.


"Hey!" Silence settled between them for a minute. Johnny spoke first. "My secretary said you called, so I got your number. I'm, uh, surprised to hear from you."

"Johnny, where are you? You sound distant."

"I'm on my cell, driving near the beach."

"That's nice, but where as in what part of the world?"

"San Francisco. I'm doing a shoot here." Sonya gaped. "Arissa said you had some important investigation to discuss with me. What's up?"

"You're doing a shoot in Frisco? For what movie?"

"A Warrior's Deception." 'Shit!' "Didn't think you'd be interested."

"Johnny, can you ge-" She stopped suddenly, realizing how much her voice seemed to be pleading.

"What was that?"

"Jaxx and I are on a case that's brought us here to Frisco. And I, uh," Sonya stopped, and closed her eyes tight. 'He ain't gonna let me live this down, I know it.' "I need your help with something."

"You're here? In Frisco? Huh, imagine that." There was another pause, and Sonya held her breath. 'Shit, here it comes.' "Sure. What do you need?" Sonya sighed inwardly.

"I don't want to talk about it over the phone. Can we meet somewhere?"

"Well, I'm near the Syracuse Bar down on 50th and Lantana."

"I'll be there in 20 minutes." Before giving him the chance to say farewell, Sonya hung up, got her shoes on, and hurried out the door.
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